Friday, September 25, 2020

Step 2B


All of the coats of rubber mold have been applied and next I mix up and apply the hard plaster shell. Both of these the rubber mold and the plaster shell make up the "Mother Mold"
With the Mother Mold, I then cast all of my pieces. This mold should stand up to about 500 resin castings before I have to make another. Because of the rubber I use, I can use this mold for lost wax bronze casting, metal castings like aluminum, steel, gold, silver and of course plaster. Very versatile.

I have poured the hard shells, wait 90 mins. then I an de-mold the pieces. Separate the hard shell from the rubber mold and separate the rubber mold from the original clay piece. Very carefully so I don't damage the original.
Everything cures until Monday when I pour a test casting in plaster to see if the molds are good. If not, I start all over.

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