Thursday, November 6, 2014

I just published my first eBook!

Stepping up to the plate, and into the 21st century, I have published my book "Behind the Paint - Italy 2011" as an electronic book, available through

I got the free book from Amazon "Building Your Book for Kindle", read it over a few times, 36 pages, and it sounded pretty straight forward. Only takes 5 minutes.

Well, four tries and 2 days later I was finished and the ebook was up on Amazon.

My problem was that I set up the book to be printed in a publishing software, not Word. So, I had to copy and paste all of the formatted text from the publishing software into Word, which stripped all of the formatting of headlines, paragraphs and captions and photos. It was dropped into Word as just text, except the images, which did not come across.

Next, I set up the formats in Word as per Kindle's specs, it took several minutes, and then go through each line making sure it was correct. Then I had to import all of the photos and redo all of the captions again.

When that was done, I uploaded the files to Amazon, quite simple really, and checked the previewer. Did not look quite right, so I revised it several times, until I was happy.

If you are a normal author, you write in Word and you don't have photos, and making an eBook is a piece of cake. If you are an artist and a graphic designer, and your book is photo heavy, well, it just takes a bit longer.

I do plan on publishing all of my books as eBooks, slick once I understand now how it will work.

So look forward to two more eBooks in the next few months, and I am editing my fourth book of the "Behind the Paint" series, it is on five National Parks, and I have started to write my fifth book, "Behind the Bronze" a series of stories and photos of my sculpture. Books four and five in paperback first, then eBooks.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ready for Stormy Weather Arts Festival 2014.

I am ready for the Stormy Weather Arts Festival. My sculpture demo is Saturday Nov. 8 from 11 - 4pm. With a reception starting at 5pm. The place is Cannon Beach, Oregon and at Haystack Gallery.

I will be working on a new alabaster stone piece, weather permitting outside Haystack Gallery under their white tent. This piece titled "WindsweptIII" is about 14" high and as you see from the image below, she is seated on some rocks with the wind blowing her hair behind her.

This piece first started out as a clay piece to be cast in bronze (the clay figure on the right in the first photo), then I did a life size bronze of the head only,  titled "Spirit of the Sea". Now he is becoming a stone piece. She is very versatile.

I am also unveiling a new completed stone sculpture. She is 18" tall also out of alabaster. A photo of her is also below.

Oh, and I will be having a book signing of my three paperback books; "Behind the Paint" both one and two, and "The Building of Courage".

Come by and see me and my new "Ladies", and stay for a drink and some nibbles.