Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Wine Thief" Sculpture in Burgundy


Last week the "Wine Thief " one of my Hands of the Artists collection came in with a burgundy patina.

Number 1/10 of this piece was done in a white/rose colored patina at the request of the couple that bought her. It turned out beautiful. This was the first time I have done a white patina and I spent a lot of time with the patina artist at the foundry getting the color right.

Do you know how many "whites" there can be? At first, my white was not his idea of white. But we got on the same page when we discussed the feeling I wanted, the feeling of a Carrara rose marble with fine thin gray/rose veins. His interpretation of this was perfect and the client was thrilled.

Number 2/10 that you see above on the left, is the new one in burgundy. This piece goes to the Cortile gallery in Provincetown, MA. For the east coast, my sculpture in a more classic bronze colors seems to work better and I was anxious to see this one in the darker tones.

Again, the patina artist understood what I envisioned, and did a spectacular job. So now you can have this piece in either patina, and both are elegant visions of the Wine Thief.

My "Visions of Italy" Exhibition

During the 12th Annual Spring Unveiling Weekend May 4-6, I unveiled my series of paintings of Italy. My time slot was Friday May 4 starting at 4pm with an Italian style reception.

It was a blast. A lot of people came in to see my work, I unveiled 8 paintings, and we talked about their experiences and mine in Italy. I was surprised at how many people had been to Italy, or were going this year. We talked and ate salumi's and cheese and olives and drank wine and by 9:30 closed up and went home.

The weekend was sunny, (not bad for May) fun and a success, I sold four of my paintings on Sunday, including the big 3' x 4' one. Now, I need to paint more of Italy, (I have 3 more on the drawing board) in time for summer.

Those that came to Spring Unveiling, thank you, and I hope to see more of you next year May 3-5.