Monday, October 12, 2020

The First Casts


These are the first pours of the first castings. I don't usually do three at once, in case there is a problem with the chemicals or temperature I would loose three instead of one. But the chemicals are new and it is morning so I am confident. I did this once before pouring multiple molds at once some some chemicals that were previously opened, and I lost all three castings. The castings never hardened. After two years, I can still bend and twist them. 

The resin I am using is Easy-Flo Clear, equal parts of A & B. I mix a brown dye to part B, stir, add 1lb. of Bronze powder, stir until mixed together, add A to it, stir for 30 secs., I then have max two minutes to paint on the first coat and pour in and slush around the balance of the solution before it sets up. I then mix another batch and fill up the balance of the mold. 

Each mold takes 32oz of resin and 2 lbs. of bronze powder. Then I wait for about 30 mins before I can demold and see if the casting is good. I want to make sure every minute detail is in the final.

Once the casting is out of the mold, it cures for 24 hours and then I do the patina to make it look finished.

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